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Restaurant Review: Little Anthony’s Pizzeria

Little Anthony’s is actually right near my house. So, double points for convenience. And the last time I ordered, they didn’t give a time for delivery (ominous…) but I had my stuff within 15 minutes. Impressive.

Little Anthony’s is a pizza place in Colonie/Albany that will make most of the stuff on their menu vegan. They use Daiya vegan cheese, which, if you haven’t tried it, is pretty good. Not great (since I have not been veg very long, I remember very well the exact taste and texture of dairy cheese), but good.

Nom nom nom

And get this – they make slices to order. I LOVE that. a) I’m not getting something that’s been sitting on a shelf for awhile, and b) I can have whatever I want. Bit of a control freak, that’s me…

Anyway. I’ve had their food three times. The first time, I got a couple of slices of white pizza with broccoli. It was pretty solid. I’m pretty sure that the broccoli was from a frozen box, but what do I care. Not really at all.

The second time I went there, hubs and I ordered a cheese pizza, wings (for him) and vegan buffalo nuggets/tenders (for me). I liked the pizza. Nothing spectacular, but again, solid. Hubs was meh about it. He said the wings are really good though. I was meh about the buffalo nuggets at first. But I microwaved them and had them for breakfast the next day, and I thought that made the texture perfect.Good buffalo sauce.

The third time we ordered for delivery. Food was in my hot little hands in less than 15 minutes. I should note here that Little Anthony’s is about 4-5 minutes from my house. Hubs, friend and I ordered a cheese pizza, wings (for them) and battered mushrooms (for me). Again, the pizza was good, not amazing. Not much cheese. Like, noticeably sparse. However, they loved the wings, and I loved my mushrooms. Of course, I love pretty much anything that is battered and fried, so I may not be a g0od reviewer on that front. But I’ve definitely had worse.

Overall, we like their food, and we’ll definitely be ordering from them again.

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