The Eggless Tort

A New York lawyer's adventures with animal-free eating

A lovely little Saturday

It finally got cool here in upstate New York, and now fall has gotten here with a vengeance.

A friend of our’s husband’s band was playing at the Menands Farmer’s Market this morning, so we had planned to go. Of course, we forgot to take into account that I can’t seem to get up before 11am on a weekend without an alarm… So we missed the band. But we did get there in time for a little shopping.

We got all of these awesome peppers for only $2! And we picked up some little pumpkins to carve too 🙂

Then we headed (accidentally) to the Troy Farmer’s Market. We thought Chowderfest would be in that location. Whoops. After picking up some kale and bread, we headed over to Chowderfest, which was pretty awesome. Sadly, I forgot to bring my camera. Oh well.

Not a bad haul, considering we got to one Farmer’s Market 10 minutes before it closed and the other Farmer’s Market AFTER it closed.

The cats were oddly interested in the kale when we got home…


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