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Product Review: Soy Boy Ravioli Verde

Since I’m relatively new to this whole vegan thing, I try new things all the time. One of my most recent ventures was Soy Boy Ravioli Verde. Now, I am a Soy Boy person. I prefer their tofus (both in bulk and baked), so I wanted to try their other stuff.

The Ravioli Verde is really good. It’s perfect to keep on hand for a last minute meal, or for those times when you just can’t think of anything to cook or don’t want to. It cooks up in about 10 minutes (including the time to boil the water).

The “verde” is supplied by spinach and herbs. The ravioli is well seasoned, not boring (as ravioli can sometimes be). And this ravioli is so much better for you than traditional ravioli! It’s low fat, low sodium, dairy-free, no cholesterol…

Verdict: Tasty, quick, and healthy. Winner! I’ll definitely be keeping this in my freezer.


2 responses to “Product Review: Soy Boy Ravioli Verde

  1. thedailydish October 15, 2010 at 3:16 pm

    Looks DELISH! Definitely something worth taste-testing. I run a low sodium recipe site called The Daily Dish and am always on the lookout for new low-so products to recommend. Thanks so much for the heads-up! And good luck w/ the vegan diet. As someone who had to give up salt, I can appreciate the difficulty of finding good food & maintaining sanity on a restrictive diet. Wishing you much health & happiness.

    Best wishes,
    The Daily Dish

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