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Product Review: Field Roast deli slices

I love sandwiches. Especially when I don’t have to make them. I can’t help it, I’m a lazy fuck. But I like them when I do make them as well. I guess.

Not being able to go to the deli for lunch meat any more, I picked up a package of Field Roast lunch “meat,” in Lentil Sage flavor. I made a sandwich with a sandwich tortilla, hummus, cherry tomatoes, red peppers, and the Lentil Sage deli slices. It was alright. It actually tasted substantially like the sandwich tortilla, which was disappointing. The texture was good, but the taste was boring. And I like sage!

Verdict: Meh. I’ll take Tofurky slices over these any day (they’re cheaper too!). Or just make my own seitan slices… (the cheapest!)


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