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Product Review: Tofurky Smoky Maple Bacon Marinated Tempeh

Awhile back, I decided to give Tofurky Smoky Maple Bacon Marinated Tempeh a try, and Ed agreed to give it a go with me. First, I pan-fried a few pieces to go with some vegan pancakes (which turned out more like crepes). The flavor is good – quite close to bacon, I thought. The texture is quite similar to thick cut bacon. Even Ed thought it was alright, which is saying alot. Him being willing to eat something is quite a testament to how good it is (he’s super picky).

Later that day I decided I wanted something I hadn’t had in forever — a BLT. Unfortunately, I was out of lettuce, so it was more like a VBT: Vegenaise, “bacon,” and tomatoes. Again, the flavor was really good.  With Vegenaise and tomatoes fresh from our garden, it was a fabulous, fast, and easy meal.

Verdict: Very good. This will probably become a fairly regular part of my diet when I want something super easy and fast to throw together.


3 responses to “Product Review: Tofurky Smoky Maple Bacon Marinated Tempeh

  1. obava September 2, 2010 at 6:02 pm

    The layout looks great! I wish I had your number when I was at the store today- I wanted to get veggie dogs for dinner but didn’t want to waste my money on crappy-tasting gunk. I ended up getting regular ol hot dogs 😦

  2. Sam May 24, 2011 at 9:21 am

    Really? I thought it was horrible. The texture is nothing at all like bacon and the smokey flavour is artificial and overpowering. Three thumbs down.

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